Now delivering Molasses nationwide.

Utilising our liquid terminal storage in Tauranga, New Plymouth, Timaru and Bluff, GrainCorp Feeds is now delivering Molasses direct from us direct to you.

Choose from straight Feedgrade Molasses or one of our LiquiPro blended range with added Calcium, Magnesium or Zinc. 

One of the most commonly used types of liquid feeds throughout New Zealand is Feedgrade Molasses. Molasses is derived from cane sugar and is characterised by its great palatability and flexibility of use. Feedgrade Molasses contains 74.5% dry matter. 

Molasses with added Magnesium to help reduce milk fever and assist with the prevention of grass staggers. 

Molasses with Calcium will help to develop the proper muscle activity of your herd. Falling calcium levels or even diverted calcium can affect different muscles, including the rumen. 

Molasses with Calcium & Magnesium will help to develop the muscle activity and at the same time with the addition of Magnesium assist with reducing the risk of milk fever and grass staggers. 

Addition of zinc oxide has been shown to help aid in the prevention of facial eczema. LiquiPro Zinc450 has been developed for 450kg cows to provide 12.5grams of zinc oxide per kg, while LiquiPro Zinc550 has been developed for 550kg cows to provide 15 grams of Magnesium Oxide per kg. 

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